Welcome To West End Chiropractic

Believe it or not, West End Chiropractic started in a cadaver lab in Davenport, Iowa where Dr. Kaitlyn and Dr. Justin met in 2015. From that time on, it was our goal to open a practice that was different from the status quo. Our clinic is unique in that we combine effective chiropractic and physical therapy techniques that not only address the root of the problem, but also help patients stay better. Our care model allows our patients to have sustainable, long lasting results. We also wanted to open a practice that was capable of caring for a wide variety of patients. From athletes to pregnant mothers to infants and children, we wanted to be a one stop shop for those in our community. Dr. Justin has an extensive background in athletic bio mechanics and sports related injuries. Dr. Kaitlyn has an emphasis in family based care and their combined specialties allow them to care for a diverse patient base that is unlike any other!

What Our Patients Say

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