Sports injuries, especially at the high school level, are often due to bio-mechanical issues. Each sport stresses the body differently. For example, shoulder and elbow injuries are common in baseball and volleyball players. Knee and ankle instability are common in soccer players. Head injuries and shoulder separations are common in hockey and football players. We analyze athletes’ bio-mechanics to figure out where the movement pattern is breaking down. This allows us to get to the root of the problem and better correct it. We can then help injured athletes get back in the game faster and help healthy athletes avoid injuries altogether.

Our multi-system approach and sport specific patient analysis really makes us unique. We combine traditional chiropractic approaches with traditional physiotherapy approaches and meld them together to achieve better patient outcomes. Research shows if both approaches are used simultaneously, patients get better faster and STAY better. Also, our sport specific analysis comes from years of participation and study of how different sports impact the body. Understanding specific athletic stressors allows us to develop more targeted treatment plans for our athletes.

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